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Sticking machine

The machine is destined to stick siliconized paper tape to small PUR parts.

Machine NALEP 1 (yr.2012)

Machine NALEP 1 (yr.2012)

Technical specification:
  • Name of the machine: Sticking machine
  • Type designation: NALEP 1
  • Diverse shapes of PUR parts to apply
  • Siliconized cover tape width: 20 or 25 mm
  • Full automatic machine operation, there is also manual station for special operations
  • Hotmelt application system
  • Control system SIMATIC with touch screen (user settings, error messages, prescriptions,...)
  • Total power: 12 kW
  • Voltage: 3 N PE 400/230 V 50 Hz, TN-S
  • Weight: 1600 kg
  • Year of production: 2012

Product - PUR part with glue and siliconized paper tape as covering

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