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Paper core dividing machine

The machine is destined to divide paper cores. The machine is suitable only for occasional use - not for permanent operation.

Machine RD-200 (yr.2010)

Machine RD-200 (yr.2010)

Technical specification:
  • Name of the machine: Paper core dividing machine
  • Type designation: RD-200
  • Machine dimensions (H/L/W): 1570/3700-5235/760 mm
  • Max. inside diameter of paper core: 171,5 mm
  • Max. wall thickness of paper core: 12,5 mm
  • Max. length of paper core to cut: 4000 mm
  • Two-hand operation
  • Total power: 1,2 kW
  • Voltage: 3 N PE 400/230 V
  • Weight: 320 kg
  • Year of production: 2010

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